Máy xúc lật L53-B3

Máy xúc lật L53-B3


Power System

● Weichai electronically controlled engine conforms to the China-III non-road machinery emission regulation, featuring high intelligence and efficiency, high parts interchangeability, and low maintenance cost.

Driving/Riding Environment

● The new generation cab with all-new design optimization guarantees broader vision and more fashionable appearance.

The framework structure in four sides guarantees high safety, comfort, and reliability.

● The extensively adjustable seat provides the driver with the most comfortable operation;

● It provides more abundant personalized driving/riding experience and guarantees the comfortable and safe driving/riding environment.

Operating performance

● The locations of joysticks, pedals, and seat are reasonably arranged to achieve higher operating comfort. The optional pilot control system features flexible and convenient operations.

High operating efficiency

● The new bucket in optimized bucket shape is applied to improve the bucket fullness rate and shoveling and loading efficiency.

● The double pump confluence technology matches with priority valve hydraulic system and load-sensing coaxial flow amplified steering system to achieve rapid hydraulic response and high operating efficiency of machine working and steering systems.

Reliable performance

● The structural parts, including front and rear frames and working device, are optimized and enhanced, the CAE analysis is taken for critical parts, and the main welded parts are welded by robots to ensure reliable welding quality;

● The hydraulic system parts adopt domestic renowned brand products.

● The radiator system adopts composite integrated radiator to enhance the heat dissipation area and achieve better heat dissipation performance. The fan diameter is enlarged to increase the airflow rate and improve the system heat dissipation performance.

● With 2,920mm wheelbase, front articulated structure, flexible steering mode, and high efficiency and reliability, this product is suitable for the loading and handling operations of loose materials.

Convenient maintenances

● The large side hoods with double folding air springs and uplifting design feature large opening angle, easy opening, and convenient maintenances.

● The side-opening rear grille with limiter ensures easy opening.

● The lubricating points of the machine are directed out and the one-button water drainage is provided for the brake system to ease the routine maintenances.


Parameter name L53-B3 FL (Flexible version) L53-B3 CH (Coal version)
Performance parameters    
Operating weight (Kg) 16700 17000
Maximum dumping height (mm) 3415 3245
Dumping reach (mm) 1050 1210
Maximum breakout force (kN) ≥155 ≥155
Total cycle time (s) 10 10
Engine model WP10 WP10
Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm) 162/2000 162/2000
Overall dimensions    
Overall dimensions of machine (mm) 7975*3030*3500 8025*3050*3500
Driving performance    
Forward speed (km/h) F1:0-13, F2:0-38 F1:0-13, F2:0-38
Reversing speed (km/h) R:0-15 R:0-15
Chassis System    
Wheelbase (mm) 2920 2920
Tank capacity    
Fuel tank (L) 193 193
Working device    
Rated bucket capacity (m³) 3 3.6
Rated loading capacity (t) 5 5



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