Máy lu Single-Drum Type SR18

Máy lu Single-Drum Type SR18


Máy lu rung Shantui

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ENGINE POWER With 132kW/2500rpm, this engine conforms to China-III emission regulation.



Driving/Riding Environment

● The hydrostatic drive system is capable of stepless speed regulation and flexible steering to adapt to diversified working conditions and realize the compacting operation in narrow spaces.

●  The traveling system is controlled by flexible shaft joystick to realize accurate control by low operating force, featuring low operating force, flexible and handy operations, and high operating comfort and working efficiency.

● The brake system composed of the brakes on drive axle and vibratory drum reducer and the hydrostatic brake of closed type hydraulic system incorporates the service brake, parking brake, and emergency brake functions to guarantee the driving safety and reliability.

● The excellent overall airtightness of cab and the three-stage shock-absorption for whole machine achieve low vibration and noise and the seat position and backrest angle are adjustable in large range to guarantee high operating comfort.

● The ergonomic cab features large space and excellent visual field.

● The safety passageway system and the reasonably arranged safety handrails and anti-skid footplates for whole vehicle guarantee the driver’s safety.

Working performance

● The closed-loop hydraulic vibrating system is applied. With double-frequency and double-amplitude, its scientifically reasonable static linear load and exciting force configuration guarantees the effective compacting for the materials of diversified types and the pavements of diversified thicknesses.

● The imported heavy-duty variable displacement plunger pump is applied for the vibrating pump and the vibrating system is electronically controlled to realize simple operations and guarantee the reliability and flexibility of vibrating system.

● The vibrating drum adopts the new structure of Shantui's proprietary technology to thoroughly solve the oil leakage/permeation problem of vibrating drum and achieve high eccentric mass, high exciting force, and high static linear pressure of vibrating drum.

● The optional padfoot vibrating drum can be installed to expand the application scope of product and bring about value-added return of “One machine for two applications” for the user.

High maintenance convenience

● The hood of large opening angle eases the maintenances of engine and hydraulic system.

● The modular structure eases the disassembling of parts and ensures low maintenance cost and easy maintainability.

● Less malfunctions and convenient maintenances.

Operating cost

● The structural parts inherit the excellent quality of Shantui mature products to realize high durability.

● The core electric and hydraulic parts adopt imported products, featuring stable and reliable quality and extremely high reliability.

● This product is powered by Dongfeng Cummins 6BTA5.9-C180 turbocharged and intercooled engine, featuring excellent fuel economy, really high market ownership volume, strong parts universality, and low maintenance cost.

● Shantui's proprietary match technology can achieve highest working efficiency and most reasonable fuel economy, with the composite fuel consumption reduced by 10~12%.


Parameter name SR18
Performance parameters  
Operating weight (Kg) 18000
Exciting force (KN) 350/250
Vibration frequency (Hz) 29/35
Nominal amplitude (mm) 2/1.0
Ground pressure (KPa) -
Gradeability (%) 45
Engine model 6BTA5.9-C180
Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm) 132/2500
Overall dimensions  
Overall dimensions of machine (mm) 6093*2410*3132
Driving performance  
Forward speed (km/h) F1: 0~5.6 ,F2: 0~7.1 ,F3: 0~8.7 ,F4: 0~13.5
Reversing speed (km/h) R1: 0~5.6 ,R2: 0~7.1 ,R3: 0~8.7 ,R4: 0~13.5
Chassis System  
Wheelbase (mm) -
Tank capacity  
Fuel tank (L) 265
Working device  
Compacting width(mm) 2140


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